A unique thing happens when you combine the expert technologists, with leading-edge processes and years of expertise in Knowledge Management – Innovation.

Stone Cobra is the only one that successfully combines the right technology, the right process with the right people to deliver innovative InQuira (Oracle Knowledge) solutions.

Breakdown – People, Process & Technology

Exceptional People

Smart Process

Empowering Techonology

  • Our team is a group of highly–skilled ninjas.
  • We’ve never been mistaken for your “average consultants.”
  • We are thinkers, doers, innovators, designers, problem solvers and thought-leaders
  • We know how to lead and when to follow.
  • We focus on improving your business operations through technology-enabled changes that deliver value, fast.
  • We have a passion for what we do, and it shows!
  • Our entrepreneurial spirit allows us to accomplish anything.
  • Our engineering-depth of experience makes sure we do it right.
  • And our people are recognized in the industry for their contributions — Innovator of the Year Award from the Consortium for Service Innovation for our contributions to the KCS practices.
  • Stone Cobra’s process is a very modern approach to delivering solutions — once you try it, you’ll never go back.
  • Our process gives you complete transparency into every aspect of the project while encouraging collaboration and knowledge sharing.
  • You are always “in–the–know” about all aspects of the project, giving you the insight to get maximum value from the project.
  • All team members have full visibility into the project progress, designs, construction and decisions, reducing project risk.
  • We engage the teams to work together as a partnership and the results are outstanding! Our customers win awards – ASP Top 10 Support Sites, TSIA Star Awards, and ASP Hall of Fame.
  • Stone Cobra is on the leading edge of modern-day service offerings. Our Strike Force solutions are subscription-based allowing us to help you achieve higher levels of productivity through system enhancements and insight. You reap the rewards of a system that is continually responsive to your growing business needs.
  • No one understands InQuira like we do!
  • 60,000+ hours of InQuira experience – we have configured and extended every component of InQuira.
  • Since Knowledge is most powerful when integrated with other applications, we also have tons of experience integrating with the popular systems such as: Siebel, Oracle On Demand, Salesforce, Oracle Teleservices, Clarify, Bugzilla, Microsoft Exchange, Sharepoint, SAP, File Systems, Remedy, Peregrine and Lithium.
  • Global customers, internationalization, translation, localization — we truly know what each of these mean and how to tailor the solution to work for you on a global scale. Our current record is a roll-out to support centers located in 23 countries, supporting a global 24×7 customer base, for a single company!
  • Need full IT assistance for InQuira? Our hosting engineers take care of everything from the hardware through the application. Leave all the tech work up to the experts!