Sep 19


Follow the clues to a hidden KM Treasure Follow and like! And find hints to the hidden treasure on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter (@knowledgehero and @stonecobra). This week only you will find a series of clues to the KM treasure hidden in a secret location at OpenWorld. Put the clues together, visit us at our booth [...]

Aug 22

Join us at Oracle Open World

It’s official, Stone Cobra will be at Oracle Open World in October. PUT IT ON YOUR CALENDAR AND VISIT US AT BOOTH #3413! September 29 – October 2, 2014 in San Francisco. You won’t want to miss it! We have a limited number of free passes we would like to offer you! If you would [...]

Jul 19

Join Stone Cobra for the TSW Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, from October 19, 2014

Technology Services World conference is an unrivaled source of peer learning, networking, and idea sharing you won’t want to miss. Join Stone Cobra at booth 40  and experience three days of provocative discussion on our industry’s hottest topics.

Apr 18

Knowledge Sharing Can Be Fun if you ‘Let It Go’!

This performance was spectacular at the Consortium for Service Innovation Annual Summit in San Diego last month. Listen closely to the words. I won’t spoil any of the fun… On with the show:

Jan 29

Gamification: Going for the High Score
By Brian Corcoran

By now it is no secret that companies are recognizing the value of employee expertise as a crucial component in their enterprise planning activities.  Companies that understand the risks in losing human capital have created or implemented knowledge solutions designed to retain expertise.  These solutions require real employees to spend time contributing their expertise for [...]

Aug 22

Knowledge in Healthcare Webinar

You’re Invited to Stone Cobra’s Webinar Series: Knowledge in Healthcare As you know, Healthcare is rapidly evolving. How are you keeping up with the exponential growth of information in Healthcare? Join Stone Cobra’s very own Nake Sekander as he demonstrates how the right knowledge solution can help you keep pace with the demands of wading through [...]

Jul 19

Gamification Webinar: Get People Playing Knowledge

  Gamification: Get People Playing Knowledge Sponsored by Stone Cobra Thursday, July 25, 2013 9:30am – 10am PDT Gamification of Enterprise Knowledge Systems is one of the hottest trends today. Companies are using the same models as Yelp, Foursquare, and Reddit to drive increased use of their Knowledge Solutions, incenting employees through game mechanics and [...]

Jun 25

Juice – the Other White Meat

Everyone agrees that as Americans, we rarely get our full serving of fruits and vegetables. So one day, at the beginning of the California summer,  Brandon and Jon brought new options for consuming “5-a-day” to the Cobra offices… Drawing from freshly minted classics like Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, a staggering amount of fresh fruits [...]

Jun 4

Knowledge and The Aging Workforce

Boomer Retirement = Company Knowledge Void In the next five years, the so-called Silver Tsunami, or Gray2K, will sweep through every company as baby boomers start retiring en masse, taking with them a collective 3.3 billion years of experience that companies are already finding difficult to regain[1].  That knowledge is gone forever and the clock [...]

Apr 9

The Changing Value of Knowledge

It is befitting to finish this series on the new changes in knowledge with the question of whether knowledge is a valuable item for an organization, from my perspective time-to-value is a far better telltale of performance for an enterprise software application than return-on-investment these days. Traditionally the value of knowledge to the organization has [...]