Your customers will be able to search the knowledge base for a solution, log a service request and get case updates, all without interacting with an agent. Your agents can focus on new issues instead of known issues and become proactive instead of reactive. Help your customers help themselves so your agents don’t have to.

Imagine, reducing your support costs AND increasing your agents’ productivity

Reduce Agent Interaction
Extend Customer Reach
Increase Your CSAT
Increase Productivity
Ultimately, Save Money

Web Self-Service Features

  • A custom, user-friendly interface that facilitates service requests and ensures they are raised with ease
  • End-users can track the status of their service requests from the portal
  • An integrated knowledge base that provides possible answers to the user’s problem
  • Provides accurate answers instantly

Web Self-Service Benefits

  • Your helpdesk is available 24 x 7 x 365
  • Reduces the volume of incoming requests to the customer support center
  • Up to 80% of your cases can be solved WITHOUT agent interaction
  • Answering a question online saves up to 40x, or 4000% over using the phone channel
  • Increases your agents’ productivity by minimizing the workload of your helpdesk team
  • Enable users to search the knowledge base and identify possible solutions
  • End-users can review current and past service requests
  • Dramatically increase customer satistfaction