Ant's Eye View

Ant’s Eye View is a company built around social practitioners. Their team has more than 150 years of social enterprise experience at companies you’ve heard of: Dell, The LEGO Company, Intuit, Apple, Comcast, IBM & Microsoft.

Ant’s Eye View guides organizations through the process of transforming customer experience and brand engagement by activating and embedding customer voice in every aspect of their business. The Ant’s Eye View team comprises experienced practitioners delivering proven expertise in internal collaboration, social media, community building and management, and influencer strategy development.

  • Experience: After long careers delivering results for companies like Dell, the LEGO Company & Microsoft, we are proven social business practitioners with real world enterprise experience.
  • Relationships: We burrow into your business, becoming an extension of your company while we partner to build social media capabilities into your organization.
  • Success: With a proven set of social business services designed to listen to and engage their customers, partners and employees, we help brands of all sizes define and achieve their business objectives.
  • Alignment: We bring deep expertise across all business functions – from marketing to technical support, from product management to partner programs, from the Web to corporate communications – so we can ensure that your brand story is a reflection of every touch point in your business.
  • Services: We offer social Strategy, Planning, Training, Speaking and Listening services designed to transform your business from the ground up.