Stone Cobra can provide everything your business needs for hosting InQuira (Oracle Knowledge). Don’t feel constrained by large capital expenses of hardware provisioning and updates, let us take care of that for you.

Stone Cobra’s InQuira Hosting Services provides you with well-known data center operators for excellent network, power and hardware services. This world-class hosting infrastructure combined with Stone Cobra’s expertise in platform and application administration for InQuira creates a compelling service. Stone Cobra will work with your IT department to set up the proper secure tunnels for access to the system, connections to content, and integration with internal systems, as well as matching to your maintenance policies.

All partner data centers are:

  • SAS 70 compliant
  • N+1 or better redundancy for power, cooling, and network
  • At least 4 carriers in use at all times
  • High level physical security with onsite security officers, biometric access and man trap

Offerings include:

  • Temporary EnvironmentsWhen you:
    • Need to start today but don’t have your hardware yet
    • Need to expand for seasonal reasons (holiday, new product launch, etc)
  • Fully hosted Development, Staging, and Production EnvironmentsSo you can:
    • Leave all the heavy lifting to us, and worry about your business
  • Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity Planning environmentsAllowing you to:
    • Use our off–site facilities to keep your business running in an emergency with optional planned maintenance outage in 24×7 mission critical environments

We provide:

  • Hardware, network, power, and operating system administration
  • All servers have redundant power supplies
  • RAID-based disk storage for fault tolerance
  • Virtual machines are not over provisioned, you get dedicated resources
  • Up to 40 cores and 512GB RAM per host if needed
  • Firewall and load balancing are included, can also do shared IP for high availability configurations
  • 24×7 phone support
  • Weekly backups to NAS, can be exported to your site
  • SSL for all outbound communication
  • 24×7 uptime monitoring, including automatic restarts of services
  • Instance snapshotting, useful for dev environments to rollback
  • 99.9% up time guarantee included, up to 99.999% available at additional cost

You Provide

  • Software licenses