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Gamification: Going for the High Score
By Brian Corcoran

Jan 29

By now it is no secret that companies are recognizing the value of employee expertise as a crucial component in their enterprise planning activities.  Companies that understand the risks in losing human capital have created or implemented knowledge solutions designed to retain expertise.  These solutions require real employees to spend time contributing their expertise for [...]


Gamification Webinar: Get People Playing Knowledge

Jul 19

  Gamification: Get People Playing Knowledge Sponsored by Stone Cobra Thursday, July 25, 2013 9:30am – 10am PDT Gamification of Enterprise Knowledge Systems is one of the hottest trends today. Companies are using the same models as Yelp, Foursquare, and Reddit to drive increased use of their Knowledge Solutions, incenting employees through game mechanics and [...]


Knowledge and The Aging Workforce

Jun 4

Boomer Retirement = Company Knowledge Void In the next five years, the so-called Silver Tsunami, or Gray2K, will sweep through every company as baby boomers start retiring en masse, taking with them a collective 3.3 billion years of experience that companies are already finding difficult to regain[1].  That knowledge is gone forever and the clock [...]


Knowledge as a Service (KaaS): A Proposal

Mar 26

I know, I know – the above sounds kitschy, corny, tacky, hyped-up thought leadership.  We are in the era of cloud – so of course, I am going to propose [A-Z] aaS as a solution. But there is more to this proposition that the initial skepticism can see. As I expressed in previous posts on [...]


Read It, Do It, Hear It

Nov 26

Back in the previous millennium I started my life in computers as a Technical Support Rep for a materials resource planning (MRP) application. In those dinosaur days messages were taken by a receptionist and entered on a “While You Were Out” pad and knowledge was hoarded to increase your worth. Fast-forward through many years, and [...]


The Consortium for Service Innovation Celebrates 20 Years

Nov 9

The Consortium for Service Innovation just celebrated 20 years of amazing transformation. Our Chief Solutions Officer & VP of Strategic Accounts just returned from four days of music, dancing, new relationships, old relationships, innovative topics of discussion all focused around Knowledge Centered Support (KCS). The transformation over the 20 years has been in membership growth, [...]